Being able to develop managers to become effective leaders of people is one of the greatest challenges organizations face today. In fact, their sustainability depends on it.

Soul-Inspired-Leadership was borne out of a mutual desire of Ross and Antoinette to bring something essential back into leadership – soul.

In today's business, being an authentic and a well-balanced leader is a well-intended goal. In reality, most leaders struggle to manage this.

In order to be truly authentic, they need to connect with their soul, their inner truth and then lead from there.

This site is all about that... bringing more soul into business.


Business needs more soul - Leaders are called to action

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Business today with its ever-increasing focus on profit margins, budgets, and other performance data has mostly lost connection with its most important asset – its people. Simply put – it lost its soul.

This is reflected in low employee engagement figures globally.

It is time to refocus on giving people a greater sense of purpose in their roles. Therefore, leaders themselves have to learn to reconnect and listen to their inner world, their heart, their soul. Once leaders move beyond the perspective of mere performance, once employees feel they are seen, heard and acknowledged and they matter as a human being, engagement figures will rise again.

Our services and products are focused to help you bring more soul into business.

Being true to yourself and authentic - The new must for leaders


With the ever-increasing competitiveness in the business world today, companies need leaders who are focused on results and the success of a project, and therefore are willing to put their own interests behind and keep the long term goals in mind.

To achieve that, leaders are reliant on employees who identify with the mission and the vision of their company. They need to feel connected at work and have a sense of purpose.

Establishing a climate of such quality depends very much on the ability of the leaders to lead from within and be true to themselves in their approach to their people. Leaders of today bring back empathy and heart into their leadership, they are aware of their own strengths, limitations and internal world. They are at ease showing their real self in any aspect of their life, which builds trust and reliability in the relationships with their people.

We offer services and tools that will help develop you into a more authentic leader.

Good leadership - Being balanced and consistent to lead effectively

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In today’s fast changing business world, leaders require flexibility and a healthy amount of stability. For employees to be truly engaged, they need their leaders to be consistent and balanced in their behaviors and reactions.

Good leadership comes from being balanced and consistent, no matter what the situation is at hand. It is the ability to keep people focused on the journey that lies ahead; to encourage and support them to overcome personal and work-related challenges. Good leadership is based on balanced, reliable and measured leadership behavior.

Our services and products will help you to achieve this faster.



Happy and healthy employees contribute more at work

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We seem to constantly race against time. Stress is something we have by now accepted as a constant in our lives. It easily creeps up in every aspect of our life, whether work, family, social circles, fitness, it is almost unthinkable of not experiencing it at all. Stress has by now exceeded an healthy level in peoples life and has many facets.

Sufficient rest, a balanced diet, enough water and adequate exercise are known to be the foundation of health since time memorial. But what about our inner world? The quality of our emotions, of our thoughts is a game changer when it comes to health and wellbeing.

What unhealthy beliefs, what patterns are we driven by, that aren’t even ours? Do we realize how much does vitality and wellbeing improves when we shed the limiting beliefs we grew up with?

Simply put, we can help you with this.



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