About Us

Ross Swan Co-Founder

Ross is a perceptive and responsive leadership consultant, coach and trainer, with broad experience in varied industries worldwide, including financial services, construction, energy, beauty products, logistics, distribution, retail, engineering, hospitality, airlines, and manufacturing.

Ross is also a dynamic speaker with outstanding skills in communication, presentation, training, team-building, and interpersonal relations.

He works internationally, spanning a variety of industries around the globe with his projects encompassing many diverse cultural backgrounds.

Throughout the years, Ross has developed a growing desire to put an ongoing emphasis on bringing more soul into business. Given this desire, Soul-Inspired-Leadership was born when he met Antoinette, a kindred spirit in his quest.


Antoinette Biehlmeier Co-Founder

Antoinette is a complementary health care professional and coach. Her experience and expertise includes Coaching, Regression Therapy, Inner Child Work, Focusing, Nutripuncture and TimeWaver Information Field Technology.

She has attended numerous training in various other holistic modalities, because she believes that depending on where we are in life, different impulses are required. Curiosity hasn’t killed the cat but made her tool box richer.

She has been a successful trainer with the Regression Academy, UK and loves sharing her rich tapestry of knowledge and experience.

Her warmth, empathy and intuition, combined with experience, makes Antoinette a much sought after and appreciated practitioner.

Her mission:

“It is my desire to accompany clients on their journey to discover who they are and what their purpose is in life; helping them to let go of beliefs that restrict rather than allow for personal growth, seeing them uncover and draw on their inner strength to make the necessary changes in their life so that they can realize and live their unique potential.

To grow emotionally and spiritually, it is up to us to accept responsibility for our life. We cannot expect others to change so we feel more comfortable. We chose this life – if we aren’t satisfied with where we are right now, it is up to us to take action and change the script of our life.”


Our Story

Soul-Inspired-Leadership was borne out of a mutual desire of Ross and Antoinette to bring something essential back into leadership – soul.


In today's business, being an authentic and a well-balanced leader is a well-intended goal. In reality, most leaders struggle to manage this. In order to be truly authentic, they need to connect with their soul, their inner truth and then lead from there.

But how to get there?


Through our podcast episodes and services, we aim to help our community of coaches to be inspired by different perspectives, use new tools and tap into our expertise and know-how for their clients to become authentic leaders.

Soul-Inspired-Leadership Community

Soul-Inspired-Leadership is dedicated to bring soul back into business.

To achieve this, we are building a community of like-minded coaches, who believe that we need more soul in business. We develop products and services to help them help us to be successful in this mission.


Being an authentic and well-balanced leader is a well-intended goal. In reality, most leaders struggle to manage this. To be truly authentic, it requires the desire to explore and know themselves, a good degree of self-awareness, the courage to be vulnerable and compassionate, a strong sense of self, and the ability to make decisions based on their inner truth. Harnessing the connection to their soul or true self is not only desirable for yogis, but also for leaders.

How coaches can support their clients on this journey is the focus of our work and our podcast.

Our combined knowledge and experience, combined with cutting edge technology, will offer our community members an invaluable advantage in the coaching world.


We provide the missing links in improving the standard of leadership and developing better leaders.


Our podcast is focused on sharing new ideas, perspectives, tools and services based on cutting edge information field technology to provide an extra dimension to the professional services of coaches.


Joining us on this journey you will see that you are not alone in your endeavors and you will grow to understand how quantum physics and information field technology can best help you succeed.


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