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Employee engagement, a test of leadership, special guest Anna Mamalaki

podcast fishes employee engagement

Leadership impacts employee engagement in the evolving workplace of today. In spite of this being a hot topic, the issue is a common one across countries. The commonality is that the figures are pretty poor all across the globe. Employee engagement is a direct result of the quality of leadership. Given the way the employee…

How leaders influence the brand… featuring Joy Abdullah

SIL PC How leaders influence the brand

The behaviour a brand displays is a reflection of the leadership behind that brand. It manifests through how employees are engaged in the brand and how a brand is able to add value to the customer. The route to creating a great company brand is through its employees. How important is leadership in achieving this?…

Self leadership, “If you have a pulse, you have a purpose” guest Sabrina Nelson

SIL PC Sabrina 2 19

It all starts with oneself. To be a good leader one has to be a good leader of one’s own self. Encouraging others to be better self-leaders involves an understanding of what are one’s gifts and talents and leaning into using those. Often it takes another to spot the talent and bring it to light…

In leadership, the inner juice counts… guest Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw

Anita's podcast

To be a good leader one must understand oneself first. It’s all about self-leadership. Self-leadership and purpose are interwoven. Self-leadership is about leading from within. As a leader if one is not leading oneself then one has nothing to offer to others. That’s where authenticity plays a vital role. Knowing oneself is like a compass…

The Rat Race of Self improvement

"Businessman running in exercise wheel, isolated w. clipping path"

The Rat Race Self-Improvement There’re so many self-improvement classes and offers. It makes one wonder if we are not good enough the way we are. People often go to self-improvement programmes not because of wanting to know what’s inside them but because of what’s around them. For example, if the intent of going to the gym…