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To lead is to influence

  We constantly make choices. Most of these are unconscious choices. This is very important in creating influence. Every time you are wanting to influence a person to do something their decision will always be based on whether they believe it will bring them closer to happiness. Which is based on how they understand happiness.…

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Leadership elements for trust and engagement

  Leadership impacts employee engagement in the evolving workplace of today. Despite this being a hot topic, the issue is a common one across countries. The commonality is that the figures are poor across the globe. Employee engagement is a direct result of the quality of leadership. Given the way the employee engagement figures are,…

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Good leadership is having a positive impact on people

Good leaders are always conscious of the impact they have on people and have a continuous focus on ways to make sure the impact is positive. The key is your own behaviour. Maintaining a positive energy for of much of your day takes effort. To get yourself into that high energy zone and remain there,…

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Leading effectively in any environment

Being able to lead in any environment is the key to strong leadership. What underpins this, is not to allow yourself to be a reflection of the challenging environment, but a reflection of your inner self. That is, to draw on your inner strengths, thus fueling your belief in your abilities. This creates a positivism…

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