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Servant leadership is being a curling sweeper

Servant leadership is leading with a focus in looking after and clearing the way for your team to perform at its best. Firstly, it calls for the leader to provide the vision and then focusing on helping the team move towards it. (target) A servant leader does whatever it takes to keep people on track…

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How I solved my Employee Engagement Frustration

Over the last few months, people have asked me, why Soul-Inspired-Leadership, why now? Working as a coach, two aspects of that work have been frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I love coaching executives to help them become better leaders, but frustrated none the less. Coaching is my passion because I know that by being a…

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So what are a corporation’s biggest assets?

It’s not their flagship product that is the best selling gadget in the market. It’s not the revenue that the product brings that reflects a healthy balance sheet. It’s not the IPO or the subsequent share price after that. In fact, it’s not even the substantial brand value of the company. A corporation’s biggest assets…

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