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Going to your core, to be truly authentic

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If there is one superpower we could all ‘realistically’ aspire to have, well then surprisingly it may come from a non-superhero movie.  Mel Gibson’s What Women Want is a hilarious romantic comedy featuring the protagonist who can read minds of various women. This makes him an instant success, in both his personal and professional worlds.…

Decluttering your desk, decluttering your mind!

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I remember an analogy that my dad gave me when I was in the fourth grade.  One evening, on coming back from work, he asked me to come to the kitchen. He picked up a large jar (for water) and started filling it.  His gaze was transfixed at the water that was rushing to the…

Soul inspired leadership and technology… a whole brain concept


A name is an identity, it reflects who you are – well most of the time. However, names just like all things around us have evolved through the years. Production house and Ad agencies have quirky names! In fact, they would be frowned upon if they didn’t. After all, you can’t possibly be creative, if…

How I solved my Employee Engagement Frustration

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Over the last few months, people have asked me, why Soul-Inspired-Leadership, why now? Working as a coach, two aspects of that work have been frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I love coaching executives to help them become better leaders, but frustrated none the less. Coaching is my passion because I know that by being a…

So what are a corporation’s biggest assets?

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It’s not their flagship product that is the best selling gadget in the market. It’s not the revenue that the product brings that reflects a healthy balance sheet. It’s not the IPO or the subsequent share price after that. In fact, it’s not even the substantial brand value of the company. A corporation’s biggest assets…