Ross offers a variety of leadership development services focussed around coaching. Ross will tailor an individual leadership development program to suit either your individual or group need.

Examples of Ross’ work include—

Diverse cultural experience: Ross conducted skill assessment/coaching projects with Chinese, German, Swiss, British, Australian, New Zealander, Indonesian, Japanese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Thai, S., Irish, French, Italian, Turkish, Malaysian, and Filipino personnel. This work included planning of people engagement and performance.
For a long-term engagement with a global engineering enterprise, Ross tailored his coaching to each executive, working in the mode that best suited each individual. The result was notable growth and development of each executive on both business and personal levels, maximizing their effectiveness in the organization.

Another long-term engagement with a major oil and gas enterprise saw Ross supporting a major change management initiative including coaching over 30 executives to develop their leadership effectiveness. Visible growth in their leadership skills and the overall movement towards the desired changes was clearly evident.
Ross focused on the special challenge of coaching to address cross-cultural management issues. Working from Singapore for several years, he gained great insight into Asian cultures, enhancing his value to clients having multicultural responsibilities.

A fortune 500 company: “Ross dealt with issues frankly but sensitively,” wrote one of its senior executive coachees. “Everything he said, asked, or did was deliberate and designed to expose an issue or promote a discussion. Very professional, very well-organized.”
Alignment support for teams and organizations: Ross is helping executives engage staff through creating an environment of high-performance teams and cooperative relationships. The individuals are at various stages along the customer supply chain. This project also involves change management, encouraging specific behaviours to get results.

Ross consistently achieves measurable results in his work. Examples include—

Developed and delivered a senior leadership training/coaching program for industry in Singapore (in conjunction with the Singapore National Employers Federation and Singapore’s Workforce Development Agency) that ran successfully for 5 years.