Soul-Inspired-Leadership Community

Coaching can be a lonely job at times – Wait a minute, lonely? Ideally, coaches have a flourishing business with an extensive client portfolio, how could one feel lonely? Generally, rather than working in a team, coaches have their own business, and unless they invest time into developing a peer and support network, it can be quite a lonely job despite spending plenty of time with clients.

Not only coaches, Human Resource executives often have a lonely existence as well, given the decisions they have to make, and the responsibilities they are left with.


In fact, our community is open to anyone who has a responsibility for developing better leaders


Here at Soul-Inspired-Leadership, we aim to fulfill two needs:


Establishing a community for like-minded people who have the responsibility developing leaders and who are looking for the support of a community to discuss a variety of different aspects of leadership development and coaching: Exchange of experiences and challenges in a safe and supportive environment, a forum for discussion of scenarios and coaching solutions, personal self-development within the community and a venue to express themselves.
We invite community members to think outside the box.


Ross will draw on his experiences over many years in the corporate world and over 16 years as an executive coach working with C-suite executives in Fortune 500 companies to smaller SMEs to facilitate the Soul- Inspired-Leadership forum.


Antoinette will share tools and tips from her extensive training and experience in holistic health to complement and enhance your work with your clients.


Providing tools to all coaches to enhance their coaching and human resource work

One of the main challenges coaches face is that they don’t have enough contracted time or the tools to dig deep to uncover the root causes of volatile behavior or ingrained mental or emotional blocks. Often coaching remains on the surface, leading to short-term improvement but not always to an empowering transformation. Therefore, the problem may surface again in a different situation or a different aspect of their client's life.

Human resource professionals are also faced with having time constraints that restrict what they would like to be doing in the leadership development space.


Soul-Inspired-Leadership offers solutions to increase our community members success with their leadership development responsibilities, which in turn, leads to what we all seek, greater client satisfaction.


Soul-Inspired-Leadership Social Community:

- Closed Facebook group to discuss and exchange new ideas, challenges, and to support each other

- Monthly Online discussions on various topics related to coaching, psychology, holistic health

- Retreats for Coaches for personal self-development, self-care, rejuvenation, learning, sharing and growing


Other benefits for community members:

Discounts on products and services…. Please register with us to be part of our movement to make better leaders.