So what are a corporation’s biggest assets?

It’s not their flagship product that is the best selling gadget in the market.

It’s not the revenue that the product brings that reflects a healthy balance sheet.

It’s not the IPO or the subsequent share price after that.

In fact, it’s not even the substantial brand value of the company.

A corporation’s biggest assets are in fact – its employees.


Because that product would not have been built without good engineering talent, it wouldn’t have been able to be marketed without a good marketing team. The company wouldn’t have been able to list without a good finance and legal team.


Yet, in a hyper competitive dog eat dog world, somehow employee engagement has been relegated to the bottom of the food chain. Success metrics are driven by only quantitative data – be it sales numbers, revenue figures and market share.

More often than not, the right brain elements of empathy, motivation, inspiration, perspicacity all seem to take a back seat. In the absence of these empathetic elements, employee engagement diminishes.

The number one reason for high turnover in companies is not job dissatisfaction, it is manager dissatisfaction.

To address various aspects of employee engagement, enabling managers to become better leaders and understanding how motivating employees can lead to better productivity and performance on the job – Ross Swan and Antoinette have started Soul Inspired Leadership.


Why Soul Inspired Leadership? Because Ross & Antoinette believe good leadership begins from within. It starts with an authentic message about being true to yourself. In order to motivate employees and bring out a sense of passion in others, a leader first needs to do some soul searching for himself or herself.

Ross & Antoinette address the importance of self-awareness and know what makes you tick before you can understand what makes others tick. The most effective leaders are not the result oriented leaders; on the contrary they could turn out to be the worst. This is because the need for just results, often leads managers to take on a drill-sergeant approach.  They often compromise on employee engagement, employee empathy and are woeful in any form of positive motivation.

Ross & Antoinette advocate the need for authenticity in the workplace. Since we spend 70% of our week in the workplace, it needs to be an environment that allows us to be who we really are.

The call for authenticity is accentuated even more for leaders. When leaders are authentic they find they are able to inspire, motivate and empathize with their workforce.

Ross & Antoinette point out that too many managers run away from authenticity and instead put on a persona in a workplace.

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook rightly says that she despises the concept of people needing to brand themselves. She says food products and electronic products have brands because they can be packaged in a particular way. As humans we cannot be packaged and sprout one particular message in a certain way. We are individuals who need have to a voice and only when we have our own voice, will be authentic leaders. Such leaders who choose to ‘brand themselves’ in a particular way will not have the career or the desired results they yearn for.

Our podcasts at soul inspired leadership are intended to help various managers become truly authentic leaders and we’re glad to say that we are only just getting started.




About the author, Ross

Behavioural leadership coach committed to bringing more soul into business and reducing a leader's stress in managing their people

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