Brave leadership: an interview with leadership expert Kimberly Davis

In the discussion with Ross Swan and Kimberly Davis on Brave Leadershipbrave-leadership-3d-2

  • You will learn:
  • How Kimberly defines what it takes for a leader to be brave
  • Why focusing on others and not yourself has the greatest impact on good leadership
  • Why a leader should always be aware of their impact on others
  • Reaching out to the emotions of others so they want to come to work and not just feel they have to, for survival
  • Being true to your inner self by connecting with your soul, gives you the authenticity and consistency that people crave for in leaders
  • That Brave Leadership is a must read leadership book

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About the author, Ross

Behavioural leadership coach committed to bringing more soul into business and reducing a leader's stress in managing their people

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