Good Leadership is about the quality of the doing… special guest Jennifer Chapman

There often are, what we call magic moments, which in hindsight when we see them we realise they ended up derailing us.

Can you share a bit on this?

The main one is this whole perception of getting stuff done. Ticking off the tasks becomes a priority instead of focusing on the soft skills like interpersonal and collaboration. This actually makes one be off balance. It not only impacts the leader but everybody around them. One has to be intentional in taking time to look at the interpersonal relationship and the communication within that. Specially in this year where everything has been virtual. Communication has taken on an entirely new importance and there’s more focus or spotlight on that skill.

Two things one can foresee. One is that in 2021 we are going to go back into the workplace and through this year a lot of the conflict, with regards to not being able to get along with people we don’t like, is going to come to a head because we have been working from home and that’s been the excuse in not dealing with it. The second is that the virtual work is here to stay and we all have to figure out how to keep those relationships strong in a new way. We are all in a mentality of being in the survival mode. There’s going to a time when we will have to be much more intentional about our workplace relationships.

There’s a positive and a negative in this as people come back to the workplace. The intentionality can be to serve oneself better or to actually be relieved that one is not stuck at home and therefore stay on in the workplace longer that usual.

Rewinding a bit there’s a bit about finding out what matters to you and not doing as others expect of you. This bit, of of am I making the choice or is the choice being made for me, came across over time. The realisation came that it was a bit of both. In hindsight it’s great to see the courage and bravery one had in taking the transformative step. Whilst it was scary and extremely tough, it’s truly beneficial to have made that change. 

This is where having a coach really becomes very useful. As a coach helps you set time aside to simply reflect back and see if you are on course and if not what you need to do. Thereby creating or re-creating the intentionality. 

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