Good leadership is being motivated to live and lead oneself in a way that is fulfilling to self each day, podcast guest Naheed Khan

The common perception of leadership is that it’s all external. On the contrary leadership is all about going within oneself. And lead oneself.

How does NLP (neuro linguistic programming) work in leadership development?

What NLP does for an individual is bring greater and complete understanding about oneself. Aside from the common perceptions about NLP, what NLP does is help you understand how the human mind works.

As a leader when one is making decisions, where are those decisions coming from?

When I am reacting to something, where is that reaction coming from?

When I am communicating how much is the recipient understanding?

The level of awareness of such things increases hugely when exposed to the science of NLP and what it does is bring forth the leader in the individual.

Leadership is a behaviour and not a title. You behave in such a way whereby you clearly show, through your actions, that you are leading your own self.

You understand where your behaviour is exactly coming from. This level of awareness then brings about a change in perspective where when interacting with another person, you’re trying to understand where their behaviour is coming from.

This is what helps leaders bridge the gap with their teams. The team members actually pick up on the behaviour of their leader. When a leader is leading with high self awareness leads to being inspirational for the team.

The resulting outcome of this, for companies, is that people become more inclined towards creative thinking.

In leadership it helps in being able to see the perspective which is bringing the behaviour. This occurs through heightened self awareness and going through a mental process of trying to understand why what was said or done occurred.

What increased self awareness does is that it empowers us to question. We don’t resort to giving excuses or answers. Instead we attempt to understand where and what made the perspective come about. This questioning behaviour tends to rub off and that action, by default, works in developing the leadership behaviour in others.

Speaking on self-awareness, post pandemic, there has been a rise in self awareness en mass. People had the time to actually pause and look within and re-prioritise what matters to them.

Looking at what one has been doing and asking why. It results in discovering purpose. And that turns into the motivation to live and lead oneself in a way that is fulfilling to self each day.

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