Good leadership is connecting the value proposition to employees purpose, guest Anna Mamalaki

Organisations have changed. It’s not been a planned change management project, but change has occurred as people have changed. That change is not one directional. Now it’s up to leadership to harness that change and steer it in a way that’s best for the organisation.

Going into this, what’s key to understand is, that given people have changed, the value propositions of organizations need to change. That impacts the strategy of a company. Which should change or be changing.

The changing value proposition is enabled by three things:

1. People

2. Processes

3. Technology

Technology is exponentially changing. It’s impacting how we work. Processes need to evolve in order to aid achievement of business goals. To do this one has to lean upon the people aspect. People have changed drastically. Specially with regards to what they want for their lives.

An outcome of the effect of the pandemic has been a re-prioritization of what’s important in an individual’s life. That’s led to a change in how individuals are approaching employment. Being able to work from home and be with family, and going back into office expecting more empathy in the culture, are two significant factors in this.

One can see many a company capitalising on this change by introducing multiple new systems. Technology and process wise. The aim being to utilise the disruption that’s occurred in their favour. The things to utilise this opportunity to serve the new value proposition and purpose as a company.

Where companies need help is to see how these three- People, Process & Technology– connect where their core business is concerned.

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