Good leadership is emotionally connecting through stories, special guest Elinor Stutz

How we grow up affects our personality and affects how we think and what we do. There are a lot of things that impact us without us realising the effects those have. They become what we could call limiting beliefs. When we are able to reflect on those, take the lessons and forge them into our vision is when we end up leading ourselves from within. It’s what led to my summation of believe, become and empower.

 Moving on to jobseekers specifically, the one thing should do is try and give smart answers to what might seem to be a ridiculously polite question. For example, in sales interviews, one is asked what animal would you be if you could choose to be so? And this gives an insight to the interviewer about how you think. In order to make an impression, you’ve got to answer this from the perspective of the interviewer.

 Going on to leadership what is your view on leading from within?

Leading from within is the ability to share stories that help you connect emotionally. It’s the bit that connects hearts and minds. It helps encourage people to take the learning from the sharing of experience and then adapt and use it to their benefit in their way. This is the bit that all great leaders do.

 In being a great salesperson one has to develop the ability to listen, ask lots of questions so that the client’s perspective comes through, and then walk the client through as to how the service or product is useful.

 The one takeaway for listeners is this– believe in yourself and doing that comes from within you.



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