Good leadership is knowing by being conscious of your reality you are stepping into the driver’s seat of your life. Podcast guest mindset coach, Michaela Smith

We create our own reality. We either do it consciously or unconsciously.

Michaela says ” By being conscious you are stepping into the driver’s seat of your life and no longer simply be a passenger in someone else’s car.”

Purpose in our lives comes about slowly. At times it just creeps up on you and reaches a crescendo and brings you to making a choice. Some choose knowingly and others are not awake or conscious to be able to read the signs.

It’s about self-leadership. It’s you driving your own car. That’s self-leadership.

You can’t drive a bus with others in it unless you can drive the bus.

Conscious leadership starts with understanding that it is our own responsibility. to understand how we function and basically take the responsibility for our responses to situations and the way how we process situations.

It’s easier said than done because we very often feel that we are self-aware and we are taking responsibility. But when we start digging into it becomes somebody else’s fault or we start blaming people for what is happening in our life. So taking responsibility is based on self-awareness. And awareness of how we function.

Another big thing is understanding the difference between the context that we come from and the content that we work with. What that means is– what is my place of being that I’m proud that I am approaching things from? I can be approaching things from, for example, being angry, or being in that place of victimhood, or being in that place of aggressiveness. Understanding that if I am approaching a meeting situation with my team. From that kind of place, I am only going to create an atmosphere of aggression or more victimhood, Its understanding that.

The core of who I am when I show up in these situations is going to create my results. So if I know that I’m going to go into a meeting then I need to be conscious of how I put myself into this place . Its not just show up with whatever energy its I want to show up being confident, whether it is loving, whether it is understanding, whether it is in a state of collaboration. I need to be conscious of it.

So I want to be intentional about what place that I’m coming from approaching the situations. That is a big part of being conscious and understanding that context, how we show up who we are when we are approaching situations is really key to what we’re going to create.

You’ve got to consciously step up and say, I want to be the leader, but I want to be and include these five or six behaviours that I must do day in and day out.

Another big part of being self-aware is, what is going on in your head.

What is the chatter?

That is beating you up or have you got an inner coach that is there to help you? Really understanding what is going on in your mind is another big part of being conscious and functioning from the place of being self-aware and more sitting in your center.

How the process within us goes, when we are creating our result is, we have got a sense of belief, which is very often subconscious from this belief, we think certain things, so beliefs thoughts, then thoughts create emotions. And we know when we get anxious, when we get nervous, and when we get angry. We feel it in our bodies, right? So emotions come up and then we are triggered.

 And then from emotions, which are affecting our behaviour, of course, and then our behaviour creates the result, right? That’s why we say that we consciously or unconsciously create our reality because beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions drive results, 

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