Good leadership is knowing that accountability is not a checklist, it’s a relationship, guest Chris Lewis

People hold people accountable. Yet it’s more of a checklist and not quality accountability.

What does that mean?

People try to show how effective a leader they are by being hard on the people they lead. Not realising they are never going to meet the goals of the strategic plan if people aren’t buying in. People don’t buy-in when they don’t feel supported, understood, and appreciated. Certainly, holding people accountable is good but not in a way that makes people want to quit their jobs. 

Most people at their jobs know what they are doing. If they are given certain parameters and allowed to do what one has to do to make it work, they are going to make mistakes. That has to be looked at not with malice but with the perspective what was the effort and intent in that activity. The reaction and feedback should be based on that.

Leadership is giving everyone the same opportunities, treating them fairly and helping them succeed. It’s about knowing your people and knowing them well. 

From a leadership perspective it’s about remembering the good leaders and what they did in order to be a better leader yourself. The flip side is bad leadership. If you approach that with a learning mindset you get to know what to avoid as a leader.

Reflecting on your leadership helps understand that you’re leading people. Understanding how you are leading yourself helps in knowing how you can get the best out of your team. With that comes the communication with regards to thinking about what and how your people will take the message and think of. That helps in judging your communication style and words accordingly. Focusing on communication to the middle management and spending the time on ensuring the message was communicated as intended helps in getting the team buy-in.

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