Good leadership is leading with intent, guest scaling up strategist, Jeremy Han

Scaling up is a methodology that helps companies grow sustainably and achieve exponential growth. The methodology used covers four areas– people, strategy, execution and cash. These four areas are known as four decisions that any company needs to get right in order to be able to scale successfully.

Doing all of this comes back to leadership.

The more you grow your people, the more you grow your business. As people grow they have more capacity to run the strategies and input into strategic thinking.

In doing this what are the challenges?

When we look at the various challenges companies face and work our way to understand the root cause, we see it comes down to primarily being a people issue. In that, helping leaders to be more intentional is the key challenge.

Leadership is about being intentional.

How do you intentionally work towards a certain outcome is what matters? In this journey, how intentionally a leader can bring people along is what matters. It’s this particular bit that creates challenge as there are many who aren’t intentional or wanting to move along. Old habits and familiarity of doing things in a particular way come in the way. With intent it’s important to manage it in order to ensure one is moving forward towards the planned outcome.

Focusing on balancing each of the four areas is what helps manage intention and provide leadership direction towards the planned outcome. Doing this requires being intentional about each aspect at a certain time and being disciplined in doing it.

The way to do this is to focus on the common goal of the company and then look at the rhythm and habits or the processes required. This creates a behaviour which helps leadership be intentional and balance the day-to-day requirements and strategic thinking and action.

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