Good Leadership is learning from your crucible moments guest, Warwick Fairfax

It’s a defining point in one’s life. It’s a painful moment that leaves an everlasting impression of the experience felt. It changes who you are as a person after the event.

Such an experience brings up questions about purpose. 

Understanding the event is a defining moment is where one starts with regards to purpose. The question is does that experience define who you are as a person?

It gives you two choices. One to become the victim and lose your path. The other is to take the lesson and decide to that learning into action.

In discovering your purpose, it starts with understand what makes you, you. The way you’ve been designed. This goes into knowing and accepting your values and beliefs. In crucible we say the ‘keys of your vision are in the ashes of your pain’. It points out what you really and truly enjoy doing. Picking that up and turning that into a career brings living your purpose.

 Which will take your to craft your vision. Doing that, you need to be aligned with your beliefs and purpose and be very passionate about it. Simply put, your vision will become your driving force and matter to you as it’s how you are delivering your purpose and creating impact. 

Speaking of impact, its where you need the right people around you who help you to deliver. From a self, point of view, you have be in touch with your beliefs and values. From an external point of view, you discuss with trusted advisors like coaches, or close family members or a mentor to get a perspective. Doing this allows you to take a objective decision and drive the impact you wish to achieve.

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