Good #leadership is not pushing or pulling, its oiling the squeaky wheel, guest Dr Adam Harrison

There’s a belief amongst good leaders that they can get better. 

Thinking that you can get better is the first step in being a better leader. In this coaching helps you become and remain a great leader.

The pandemic has impacted leadership requirements hugely. The state of flux creates makes it necessary for a leader have one’s wits together and be agile simply because that state of flux is continuously changing.

The health care industry leaders are having this pressure first and having to adapt and evolve. Those who are unable to keep abreast are making mistakes with their teams that are showing up.

The analogy of a squeaky wheel is apt here. As a leader you’re not pushing or pulling the wheel. You’re coming in and oiling the squeaks whenever it occurs. That oiling of the squeaks is taking care of the human challenges a leader may face.

The human challenges are key here. Every individual member of a team is affected by anxiety caused by the pandemic. 

That’s caused a key challenge for leaders now. Connecting and understanding each member of their team and what they are going through. Specially given that there are different stages, globally, with regards to getting back to the physical office and the remote working is still in play. Managing this comes down to how leaders ask questions. Asking specific questions gives insights into how a team member is feeling. That then helps the leader to know where and how to connect and engage.

Doing all this comes back to a leader continuously striving to improve oneself.

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