Good leadership is understanding the power of psychological reciprocity, special guest Gary Hensel

Lessons from the spiritual warrior– The new book by Gary Hansel

Everybody is a leader. Today leadership has come about to be more about mindset and attitude. Way back the classic older leadership style was about ‘we don’t trust you’!

Leadership creates the environment that brings about learning. The more the people learn they grow. This is an aspect that shows trust. Trust that’s reciprocal. It creates an energy that drives everything. 

This energy is actually the thoughts of the people. How optimistic are they, how positive are they, how do they feel they are involved in the mission.

Fear works in singular cases. Not always and we’re not best under fear. We’re not creative, open-minded or making the best decisions. We are just reacting. So leadership by fear brings a leader a very limited amount of the potential people have. 

It’s important for people to feel respected and to be made to feel involved. When this is in play psychological reciprocity takes place and in turn a leader gets respect.

The new book highlights the awakening we humans are having. We’re learning more and more what we humans are capable of. 

We’re learning about our inter-connectivity with our earth and people. That’s creating a spiritual awakening. 

Now leadership is no longer about control. It about allowing the flow to occur and to trust. It’s what’s resulting in hybrid work situation as well as in academia. It’s bringing about more focus on the individual leader and on self-leadership.

Self-leadership is believing in yourself and having the discipline to be true to yourself.

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  1. Deborah Kozich on 04/28/2021 at 1:34 AM

    A wonderful way to gather with rebuilding trust & respect . The more we learn the more we grow. Becoming your own spiritual warrior…able to trust, teach with loving respect. Learning, growing, understanding, respect, trust, leading, learning, growing, leading with collective energy as we return to Trust. Collectively gathering, learning to trust again…to trust in whats sustainable. To trust in Trust itself. Evolving with Love. Gathering together letting go of fear, coming to know and understand what Love is not , in order to trust what Love is. A true motivator. Thank you Gary and Ross. As a human race we are awakening, growing, evolving as warriors of hope and peace. Gathering together in trust.

    • Ross Swan on 04/28/2021 at 9:48 AM

      Certainly agree with you Deborah. We are awakening and growing as warriors of hope and peace. We just need to keep spreading the message and keep the momentum going. Cheers Ross

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