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Good leadership respecting the Humanness of yourself and others, guest Ashu Khanna

Discovering oneself is a journey. A journey that involves understanding one’s sensitivity and emotions. These two are not the easiest to live with and they also are the reasons for much of our behaviour. This brings about hurt that we tend to keep within ourselves without realising it. Ourself sensitivity and emotions makes us want others to understand us in our way and at the same time makes us have the expectation of being understood as we are. Often this leads to chaos and not only don’t we understand others; others are unable to understand or fathom us. 

This situation creates a challenge within. One of wanting to be understood and respected. This is a common across all human beings. However, through our education we don’t get taught about self-respect. We adapt as per our social value system and culture and learn to respect the other. This imbalance of having to respect the perceptions of others over one self resulted in creating a need for oneself to be free.

Taking that journey brought a learning. One that highlighted the importance of living in alignment with one’s inner voice. When we get in touch with our inner self it becomes easier to understand and be in touch with others. It creates a space of trust.

Being aligned from within brings about a space of trust and relatability when interacting and engaging with others. This changes the inter-personal relationship. It brings about the ability to be candid. Within all this emerges respect simply due to the space of being mindful and respectful that is created. This is actually connecting to the humanness of one another. It’s going beyond the words to the intentions behind.The intent or the unsaid is a space of power. It enables one to bring forth one’s potential. 

This is exactly what great leaders are able to do. It helps them connect at a deeper level. That establishes trust.

In uncertain times people automatically flock to those they trust. When a leader is able to create this trust it makes leadership impact very positively.

Getting to this inner alignment is a journey. It’s a learning that occurs through believing in oneself. Which is actually connecting with one’s soul or the inner-self. This is actually the voice of truth. It’s always there within. If one gives it the power by acknowledging, aligning and doing as it guides the more you are coming out as authentic. In a way this is a natural state of empowerment. 

The books “I Am Freedom’ & “I Am Life” are the chronicles of this journey. The first one talks about how we are caught in our conditioned thoughts and perceptions, recognising that and then getting to de-clutter oneself. The second one talks about recognising one is a observer and that there are infinite perspectives to observe. This helps to embrace the abundance of life. The upcoming book- “I Am Perfection”- is about the life journey one has taken in recognising the space of perceptions, anchoring emotions, expanding the observer in oneself and exploring life fearlessly and growing into an authentic leader and life life joyfully. 

There is a science and method to growing into being an authentic leader. The objective is that it’s possible and all of us can live a life of joy. The question is is one brave enough to face their inner self in order to take this journey. 

Getting to be a truly authentic leader involves sweet pain. It’s an evolutionary journey that’s possible for anybody. 

About the author, Ross

Behavioural leadership coach committed to bringing more soul into business and reducing a leader's stress in managing their people

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