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Good self leadership is about taking a pause …part 2

Effect of Pause on Leadership

In leadership having the time to reflect and feel the vision enables one to create. Those in leadership roles do reflect. However, that reflection is more of a cognitive one or reflecting in one’s brain and not from the heart. What it does is that the mind fills up the gaps through the data it has.

To get one to move from the head to the heart can be difficult. It is so due to two unknown obstacles. One is a massive mental block and the other is one is hearing what their heart is saying but it’s not what one is comfortable with. This is actually a self-defense mechanism to avoid the pains that are in the heart.

When one is not recognising the pains, one is missing out on a big opportunity to learn something about self and to undertake transformation or healing. Everything has energy. Even the pain within has an energy that is within the body and it creates disturbances.

“Everyone you encounter is a mirror to look at something within yourself”-Antionette

For people in the workplace, those who are struggling to connect with their hearts, it’s an opportunity to find out more about what’s happening within ourselves. Provided of course they are willing and have the intent to do so.

“You can’t understand other people unless you understand yourself”- Ross

From a mindset perspective, the behaviour of other people reflects self. In other one sees areas within that one can strengthen. For example, if a particular behaviour was told to be inappropriate a long while back and one has subdued that, yet one finds that behaviour in others and judges it to be inappropriate, it’s basically a mirror effect of blaming because one was told it was inappropriate.

We all have issues within ourselves which manifest in behaviour and impacts on the leadership we display. The true leader can internalise and lead from within to lead out. Not the other way around. One who is grounded in themselves and doesn’t see others as a threat is able to learn about themselves.

Take that pause to reflect about what happened during the day and pause to connect within.

About the author, Ross

Behavioural leadership coach committed to bringing more soul into business and reducing a leader's stress in managing their people

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