Leadership is having visionary talent management that goes through rethinking and reorganizing work, guest Anna Mamalaki

The world of employment is battling through some changes the likes of which companies haven’t experienced in their lifetimes.

Should work be a hybrid, remote and in-office? Or should it be fully remote or go back to how it was by being fully in office?

These are the questions companies are battling through now.

 This makes it an opportunity for companies to actually change and re-shuffle things.

Let’s take the example of how tight the labour market is. The recruiters are tired. They are not getting the skill sets they need, and when they do it’s tough to get the right demographics, the candidates aren’t quite keen. This is impacting recruitment significantly.

Even with these difficulties when we do get the right people and get them in the companies, do we enable them to be able to purposefully and efficiently do fulfilling work?

In both these scenarios the blockage is the recruitment and employee engagement systems that are in use.

Because of this progressive companies are using this war on talent as a situation to re-think and re-jig very many things that impact business performance.

This brings up the role of leadership.

It’s important for leadership to look at how the data flows. Specially where workflows are concerned. Two key things need to be the priorities– quality of the data and the utilization of it- in the strategic drivers of the business. Doing this requires a bit more than having a great data analyst. It requires having clarity on the business purpose and understanding how the strategic business drivers will lead to success.

Many a business is lacking on clarity of their purpose and social responsibility. It results in confusion.

 It’s why having clear direction, communicating that direction to the employees clearly so that all at their respective roles are able to use the data and information effectively to benefit the company in a socially responsible way.

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