Leadership Transparency a key for executive loneliness, special guest Nick Jonsson

The motivation for the book was the learning that senior business leaders felt quite lonely in the way they had to make decisions.

The background research leading upto the book, showed that upto 30% of senior business leaders felt they were depressed. Following this up with the in-person interviews brought out specific stories that’s captured in the book. A key finding was that senior leaders are often working across cultures and laws over various countries which impacts decision making and makes it complex. Whilst some leaders might be comfortable in discussing and arriving at a collaborative decision, the culture demands a more authoritarian approach of being provided the solutions sans the discussion.

Another interesting finding was that the vast majority of senior leaders do not want to talk about this loneliness to their superior or company. This stems from the fear that it would not be favourably looked upon and could be detrimental to their career. 

Sharing the personal story is to provide strength to others on how to be able to lead oneself. To be able to accept there is a problem and then seek out help is actually displaying strong self-leadership. Nick’s personal story illustrates how the loneliness affects senior leaders and guides the reader to having the steps of taking action.

The key message, for all good leaders is, be transparent and observant. Be willing to be vulnerable in order to create transparency and connectivity. Through that an important conversation might just happen which would be of help to an associate, a colleague or someone connected to you.

To purchase the book go to: https://executivelonelinessbook.com/index

For more information about Nick go to: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-jonsson/

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