Leading with your authentic self fuels a purpose to be passionate about, special guests Beth Frates and Gary Hensel

It starts with recognizing that wellness is a journey in self-leadership. Asking oneself the question of how we are going to live our life. Understanding and appreciating our own strengths and weaknesses. Once one understands this, then comes the question, do we understand how we live a healthy life. It starts with having an open mindset and being a life-long learner.

This is also an important part of being a leader of people.

As a leader it’s important to accept vulnerability. It’s okay to not have all the answers and none of us do. The best CEOs can talk to anybody. To be human is the most important aspect of great leadership. Showing the sincerity through what one is doing. Expressing oneself authentically and vulnerability with it.

When one shows how one is fitting in their lifestyle wellness program it goes a long way in encouraging others. That authenticity creates transparency and makes the leader seem human.

When one leads through authenticity one creates an environment of trust. That engages and gets interaction and participation and helps in seeking solutions. Trust starts with trusting and believing In yourself. It then follows on to trusting and believing others. To be a great leader it’s important to have belief in others. To be able to see the innate good that is there in each one of us.

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