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What underpins quality leadership doesn’t change, just the context. Special guest Gary Hensel

Being a big believer of history I look at the famous leaders of all walks of life and taking the leanings from them. What they did right; what mistakes they made. This led to identifying an important concept of leadership- passion.

Starting with passion there are three key components in leadership.

A leader has to have passion for whatever their endeavours are. Whatever they are trying to accomplish they have to passionate about it. 

The second item that’s important in leadership is respect. One learns more from a bad boss simply because we learn more when we are in pain or discomfort. One can use fear to push things through but its limited. It results in not having people perform at their best.  

Which leads into the third component–influence. 

When one is passionate and people feel you are treating them with respect it enables a leader to develop influence that helps the leader to get the people on board on the mission. 

When this understanding occurs many managers actually are able to look within and realise that they may not have the ability to understand the ambiguity of people. That helps them from a self-leadership perspective.

Often many a bad boss has that behaviour underlying from the past.experiences where they learn’t about instilling fear as being leadership. Getting this behaviour out of a leader is often the hardest as its so ingrained. It impacts on the trust one can create. That starts within. With the relationship one has with oneself. A healthy self-respect and self-awareness creates the ability to give respect which then helps build a trusting relationship. In leadership if one has a lot of insecurities and fears it creates a distrust of people and that reflects in the leadership style.

To get the best out of people, as a leader, one has to truly believe that people are good. That’s where the trust forms. Couple this with the traits of being positive and flexible enables a leader to create an ever evolving and growing environment where there’s continuous success.

As an example looking at General Ulysses S Grant back during the American civil war, provides a lot of insight into how great leadership works. That’s one learning of looking back into history and learning from it.

The key is in making the connection. As a leader one has to make the connection with the team in order for respect and trust to occur. That happens when the people understand your leadership approach and realise that as a leader you are there for them. 

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