leadership is being soul inspired, special guest Spencer Snakard

We are soulful beings having the human experience. Sometimes there tends to be a conflict between the head and the heart. Which, if one were to go in a bit deeper, is about who we are as souls, housed in our human bodies that are not everlasting, In our humanness we have the need to survive, and protect ourselves and the experience of fear. For many of us in the leadership space we don’t have the physical threats anymore. Leaving aside this pandemic which has brought about a significant physical threat. So, what happens is that our identities tend to step in and say ‘I’m going to watch out for these threats and keep you safe from those.’ What that does, is make us bump up against these fears that bounce off our humanity as we attempt to express ourselves fully.

That’s where the conflict with self often happens. Leading to getting stuck in one’s own mind or the head space. It’s not just about the conscious awareness but more about what the subconscious awareness and thinking is. This is where the primal survival instinct kicks in which then relies on our life experiences of what has worked, and we try use those to move ahead. 

Leaders are often defined by their success and the ways they achieved it and stick with that. What this does, is it stops the individual from evaluating the risk objectively. Great leaders successfully cross that bridge between their inner self and their conscious thinking to take calculated risks to achieve success. They are comfortable stepping into the unknown because they allow themselves to be guided from within. 

That is being authentic.

Authentic leadership is often misunderstood by leaders as being themselves as seen by others. In other words, it’s a version of themselves as perceived by the outer world which is what leaders hold in their conscious awareness. Instead of actually being driven from their heart and guided by their soul.

This is the biggest challenge people face to become better leaders. Once leaders are aware of this and are able to traverse comfortably between their inner self and conscious awareness or, in other words, bring about situational leadership, they become relaxed, comfortable, and grounded. They are then able to deal with anything as they keep their consistency and balance. This is a cycle of crossing back and forth. Many leaders think that what’s required is to do what it takes to get to the leadership role and that’s it. There’s a feeling like I’ve fixed myself. But that isn’t it. We’re constantly bumping up against our humanity. Having the awareness of recognising our thoughts and feelings enables one to then engage with some tools or strategies to confront and work through it.

A tool that is extremely helpful is simply recognising the situation one is getting out of, being where you are. Doing this involves digging deep and seeing what the benefits are such as the need to be self-righteous and making other people feel they are wrong for oneself to feel good. These, in their own way, become limiting and needs to be worked through and changed. (More on this can be viewed here: https://spencersnakard.lpages.co/masterclass2018replay/

What helps is being aligned with who you really are and knowing what you are here for or, in other words, being noticeably clear about your why and your values. 

Remember who you are know that you are a divine magnificent being. You are perfect and whole as you are. There’s nothing missing, nothing lacking and nothing wrong or broken that you need to fix. You are perfect exactly as you are. Remember that and everything else that you feel is not working simply melts away.

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Behavioural leadership coach committed to bringing more soul into business and reducing a leader's stress in managing their people

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