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Crucible leadership, its about the ‘who’ not the ‘what’, Part Two… special guest Warwick Fairfax

In part 2 of the podcast we move on to the topic of being authentic and true to self.

How do you see this with people who are struggling and stuck in a bit of a bind as to where they are and starting to realize where they need to be or want to be?

Very often in the corporate world we have an idea that as a CEO or a senior leader you’ve got to be a certain way. Take charge, no-nonsense, confident, know everything, appropriately dressed, not hair out of place with a plastic smile. Pretend you know everybody’s name and make sure your assistant knows the birthdays and all.

I think part of authenticity is very scary. To be yourself, to throw off the plastic marks, and they reject you. That’s so scary as it’s like they’re rejecting your soul.

It’s funny actually . On our podcast Beyond The Crucible we had this youngish guy, maybe he’s just turning 40. He wrote this book the millennial whisper. His hypothesis is that Millennials are looking for authenticity in a lot of senior folks. the people that don’t want to lose the Next Generation and what do they want? They want authenticity. They want transparency. They want vulnerability. They don’t want the plastic smile. They want you to actually want a relationship with them enough to know the names of their spouses and what they like to do for fun on the weekend. I mean, they’re craving authenticity.

So there’s a huge amount of pressure from the young up-and-coming employees for authenticity. It’s one of the reasons why people keep talking about it.

Senior leaders can be extrovert or introvert. They can be studious and intellectual. They can be in all shapes and sizes all backgrounds all personalities, but you know just be who you are because people are more likely to follow you.

It does take courage. It’s that brave leadership aspect.

There’s only one soul and that provides you the consistency and balance. It doesn’t change. It’s your head that changes things based on what’s going on at the time and who you need to please the most. That leads to inconsistency of leadership.

One of the things that people hate is the inconsistency of leaders.

That’s authenticity that’s why the craving for it because it creates consistency. It creates balance in leadership.

One of the things we find in Crucible leadership is you can’t sometimes control what happens. An example on my show recently, was a navy SEAL getting paralyzed from a training accident. In this particular case it took him a long while to bounce back in terms of his emotional and spiritual side. He ended up overseeing a vets Clinic where they had some of the latest technology in mirroring to help vets to get as much movement as possible. So, it was some purpose to that. Our life weaves in many ways. And we just need to look at the positive aspects and how we can best contribute.

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