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If there is one superpower we could all ‘realistically’ aspire to have, well then surprisingly it may come from a non-superhero movie.  Mel Gibson’s What Women Want is a hilarious romantic comedy featuring the protagonist who can read minds of various women. This makes him an instant success, in both his personal and professional worlds.

We don’t have such a superpower, alas not just reading women’s minds, but reading all minds. It would make it easier, so much easier to know what our partners, our co-workers, our bosses, our friends and what our kids are thinking.  We would all be an instant success!

Contrary to how well, we think we know people, we don’t always know what they’re thinking or why they do what they do and when they do it. Hence in this podcast special, Ross Swan & Antoinette seek to dive deeper into core issues affecting individual leaders. The mission through ‘Soul Inspired Leadership’ is to try and understand what influences behaviors?

Antoinette touches upon the synergy in technology and psychology through TimeWaver. She reflects upon her experience in healthcare and speaks how the TimeWaver technology helps to delve deep into the core behavioral pattern in individuals. The scientific information gathered can reveal a lot about a person especially in terms of the origins of their beliefs, touches on their emotional quotient, their various habits and how various experiences have shaped them.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung coined the term Collective Unconscious, that speaks about a form of the unconscious or the subconscious state – the part of the mind containing memories and impulses of which the individual are not aware of.

Ross touches on how individuals are so accustomed to behaving in a particular manner, that they aren’t aware of what has influenced their thought process. There are deep-rooted behaviors manifesting in our subconscious. Ross’ extensive years as a coach made him ask the burning questions with regards to his clients – Where is it coming from? What’s driving it?  How can it be changed?

‘Soul Inspired Leadership’ is all about authenticity – being true to yourself, so that you can be authentic in the workspace, especially to your subordinates as a leader. However, it’s hard to be authentic when you don’t know what’s driving a behavior? Most executives are unaware of how their subconscious rationale affects their demeanor, their personality and ergo their work ethic. Hypothetically, if a leader in a private sector corporation takes a drill sergeant approach in a startup, that may not sit well with the employees used to a very liberal, creative and bohemian lifestyle. The manager in charge may have been influenced by his early years in a military setup, which is regimented, strict and overtly disciplinarian. The executive here may think, a hard-line approach is the norm and means efficiency. However, this may have a converse effect on the employees. They may be dissuaded to be at their creative best.

Ross & Antoinette stress on the need on how executives can find their equanimity in times of stress. When leaders themselves, lose their equanimity and are volatile under stress, needless to say that they themselves struggle to rise to the challenge. As a result of which, they become volatile and subordinates just don’t follow volatile leaders.

In one of Ross’ cases, he met a well-built gentleman in a leadership role who was just unable to change his working style. As a coach, Ross found himself playing his intuitive card and trying to uncover what was holding him back. He had to delve into his client’s past and try and find a method to the madness. The session was so productive that this client on realizing the root cause of his behavior, was so moved that he was reduced to tears. Key events from his past surfaced and it was a productive catharsis of sorts.

Coaches don’t always have the desired length of time to work on the various cases they take up. Some clients require more time than they have assigned. The risk is if time isn’t sufficient, more often than not, clients can fall back into their comfort zone and it’s an undesirable case of status quo – no behavior change.

Hence at times, coaches need to depend on their own intuitive ability to read between the lines. They need to hasten the process to make the best productive use of the limited time that they have.

Hence at ‘Soul Inspired Leadership’ – Ross & Antoinette seek to help even executive coaches by developing products tailored for coaches to use. After all true authenticity is a culmination of mind, body & spirit working congruently.



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