Good leadership is having a positive impact on people

Good leaders are always conscious of the impact they have on people and have a continuous focus on ways to make sure the impact is positive. The key is your own behaviour. Maintaining a positive energy for of much of your day takes effort.
To get yourself into that high energy zone and remain there, it’s important to identify those energy draining aspects at work and in life in general. Awareness is crucial to stop your energy being diluted with negative thoughts.

We all have them at times, the key is to be aware of that and be conscious of the impact your negative mood might have on people. As a leader you should be always trying to get the best out of your people, that’s unlikely to happen if you are walking about them sulking, yelling or any other way it manifests. No matter how good we are in hiding our drain, how well we use our words, we can’t change the energy we emanate, and others will definitively pick up on that.
All you are doing, is distracting them from achieving maximum output for the sake of your mood. Even its for an hour, that’s a lot of hours when you multiply by the number of people, not to mention any ripple effect.
So, in this case, you are the team’s performance problem, certainly not their solution.

Going within and truthfully examining the source of your negative energy drain is critical. It could stem from a non-alignment of values, a blocking belief, fears, and worries and the list goes on. Once identified, then a proactive stance is needed to be taken to reduce it to such a level that it no longer fuels a negative reaction and a positive energy drain.

Once you recognize what’s draining your energy you are now in a better position to recognize the energy in others so you can help them to be a reflection of you in a positive way not in an energy sapping negative way.

It is your choice how you react to things.” Apart from reacting wisely, the idea here is to become increasingly aware of how people, situations, or thoughts, continually drain our life energy without us even realizing it.

A true leader can identify this dynamic in themselves and within individual employees. They can do the needful to help them turn any downward spiraling energy around. Once the employee recognizes their energy drains and can “plug” them, their energy and motivation will increase. This change will be systemic, in that, the whole team becomes so much stronger as well.

The things you do either give you energy or drain you. Choose wisely.

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