Leading effectively in any environment

Being able to lead in any environment is the key to strong leadership. What underpins this, is not to allow yourself to be a reflection of the challenging environment, but a reflection of your inner self. That is, to draw on your inner strengths, thus fueling your belief in your abilities. This creates a positivism within you and therefore enabling you to see your objectives far more clearly.

A challenging environment is when you see the strong leaders stand up and be noticed. The current Covid 19 situation is a perfect example. The key is not to allow all the outside noise and negative energy influence you. Sure, you need to take it into account for context to manage day to day operations, but it should not consume you and steal your energy.

Your inner self is not influenced by outside data, it’s a constant. Strong leaders influence the people surrounding them to be a reflection of their thoughts and actions. They want people to be tuning into their energy and not what’s happening around them. From the leader’s strength, comes the focus, and maintaining the teams focus is key.

When things are running smoothly, and customers are buying, most managers can use the momentum and go with the flow. Whilst good leaders still rise above the pack in this scenario, they rise substantially further when things are tough as going with the flow is not the desirable option.

As a leader, your actions, and reactions, create your team’s actions, or lack thereof. How you want them to behave, should be a reflection of your behaviour. To quote the well documented phrase, “walking your talk.” Maintaining focus on the end game is what is needed. For the team to maintain their eye on the end game, the leader needs to first.

Sure, as a leader you need to acknowledge what challenges are going on, but its critical to mentally move past that and take your team with you.

So, to lead effectively in any environment, its not allowing your thoughts to be obscured by the negative environment, its directing your energy into looking ahead with clear mind and focus.

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