Soul-Inspired-Leadership Balancing Card

Leadership Qualities – Balancing Card

In today’s business being an authentic and well balanced leader is a well-intended goal. In reality most leaders are struggling with one or several imbalanced leadership traits, such as being impatient, overly risk adverse, pessimistic, impulsive or blunt to mention but a few.

The style of communication, the quality of interaction, the ability to motivate oneself and others have undoubtedly an impact on the people we manage and of course on our career.

In a series of coaching session there can only be done so much. Very often what is lacking is the continuous support at work, the little nudge or reminder to remain on track, or simply an impulse from a different angle to anchor what has been discussed and brought into awareness with the coach.

The Leadership Qualities Balancing Card is the constant companion offering 24/7 balancing impulses for the most important leadership qualities, such as

– The ability to explore different viewpoints and formulate conclusions without becoming fixed in one’s opinion

– Being able to use analysis combined with intuition to solve problems

– To be able to take risks while at the same time sufficiently analyzing the potential pitfalls of the plan or strategy and many more.

State of the Art Quantum Physics technology has been used to imprint the Leadership Qualities Balance Card with relevant information from psychology, business, leadership, holistic remedies to create a powerful tool to support achieving balance in one’s leadership traits.

Although the aim is to do this gently and without too much feather ruffling, the nature of this work may bring up aspect of the Inner Self that have so far been dormant in the subconscious. These parts have influenced one’s responses to situations, the quality of thoughts, belief patters, the view on others and oneself. Brought to the surface it is a good opportunity to observe and question them. If they are outdated by now and hindering growth, this is the best time to work with a coach to release and transform these patterns. This will allow for the implementation of new perspectives and responses that are more in alignment to move forward and to become the leader one envision to be.


How to use the card:


Ideally it is kept close to the body, in a wallet, purse, pocket or around the neck like a key card.

Keep it away from strongly magnetic sources.

The duration of the effect of the card depends on a few aspects:

  • How close it is to strong electromagnetic sources, such as phones, computers, TV
  • How strongly these frequencies are required by the client to achieve the desired balance in leadership qualities.

We do offer recharging the card upon return of the same for a discounted price.