The Soul-Inspired-Leadership Individual Package US$ 890… incl. postage

After an individualized analysis the respective balancing information is vibrated in the clients field for a month. A check-up analysis midway and necessary adjustments to the optimization list ensure personalized care.

This includes a:

  • 30 min consultation to fine tune objective of client
  • Individualized analysis
  • Individualized balancing card
  • Optimization list on homeopathic globuli
  • Optimization list being vibrated into your information field for 4 weeks
  • Check-in with client and mid-analysis after 2 weeks and
  • End analysis with short report or 20 min chat after 4 weeks

Each analysis in itself is a “treatment” as the information field is moved.

Recharge with the same frequencies US$ 200.. incl. postage


Recharging is necessary at some point in time as you will absorb the frequencies from the card, and because of electromagnetic disturbances.

Ideally keep the card away from devices with high electromagnetic frequencies (phone, computer)