Soul inspired leadership and technology… a whole brain concept

A name is an identity, it reflects who you are – well most of the time.

However, names just like all things around us have evolved through the years. Production house and Ad agencies have quirky names! In fact, they would be frowned upon if they didn’t. After all, you can’t possibly be creative, if you can’t come up with a creative name. While law firms, true to their profession for being strait-laced, factual and detail oriented have slightly “less interesting” names – they stick to the conventional naming the firm based on all name partner’s last names.

Naturally of course, Ross and Antoinette’s Podcast named – ‘Soul Inspired Leadership’ has raised an eyebrow or two. Apart from being a unique name – for some people it juxtaposes two extremes – the left brain and the right brain. The two hemispheres exist side by side and are interdependent on each other, yet they differ so strongly.

Here, Ross and Antoinette have often been asked how something such as ‘Soul Inspired Leadership’ something so purely innate, intimate and intellectual and so right brained could be accomplished via podcasts, which is through technology – very left brain. After all, for time immemorial, we have demarcated skills, aptitude and job roles in two distinct categories: left brain or right brain.

Ross states that ‘Soul Inspired Leadership’ is all about helping people get in touch with themselves, and connect with themselves at a more intimate level. Antoinette concurs and adds that the more balanced leaders are, the more they are in touch with themselves. After all, if you’re not truly in touch with yourself, how can you connect with peers and employees.


Ross & Antoinette state that their latest tool of podcasting is merely a new medium to help people get in touch with themselves.  It’s merely an addendum that enables Ross & Antoinette to reach out to their clients and help convey what they convey best – authentic leadership traits. Technology has simply been a vital catalyst in their messaging, and not a replacement.


In this episode, Ross and Antoinette continue their insights on how individuals need to understand the need to connect with themselves. They encourage individuals in leadership positions to act and live authentically. The concern today is that many people have deviated from what is really authentic behaviour. They are guided by extenuating circumstances of law, regulations and company ethos, when making decisions. Naturally, these are important, but not being authentic in any environment is an ineffective choice and soon the wheels come apart.

Ross & Antoinette, touch on the importance of leadership coaches – and why individuals in senior leadership roles should effectively monitor their leadership progress under an experienced leadership coach.

For a start, the leadership training under a coach is more robust and hands on. Secondly leadership coaches can help track the progress you make, while giving inputs along the way. Since the art of leadership is an intangible yet pervasive trait, it is hard to quantify or measure.

A leadership coach knows exactly how much one has moved the needle from the time they have started. They can accurately help their client see different aspects and help them delve into deeper issues.

And through ‘Soul Inspired Leadership’, Ross & Antoinette hope to provide this ‘technology’ as a tool to strengthen what a coach has been working on. The message is profound, even for leadership coaches out there, so they can cultivate tools to enrich and widen their understanding on the challenges confronting their client.

The ‘soul’ is so profound – that it is an intricate part of all us, yet not part of us in the physical sense. What Ross & Antoinette want to convey is that ‘Soul Inspired Leadership’ means finding equilibrium in its truest state. An equilibrium brings you back to the soul. Once you find your balance, you will find a more balanced perspective.

A soul reflects connectedness and balance and hence the leadership Ross & Antoinette seek to convey is if leadership is inspired by the equilibrium, the people around you will tune more into you.



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  1. Subramanian on 01/10/2018 at 5:02 PM

    Akshobh, Good article! Congratulations.

    To me, it seems that the Soul-inspired-leadership is nothing but old wine in a new attractive bottle. The Vedas have taught this kind of leadership thousands of years ago but the Vedic gurus were no marketing experts. I spoke on “Mantras and Management” a few months ago at the Great Lake Institute of Management in Chennai bringing out the wisdom of the Vedas applied to modern management. Sometime, I would love to illustrate how leadership can excel with Vedic wisdom.

    • Ross Swan on 02/21/2018 at 1:46 AM

      Agreed its an old wine repackaged. the repackaging is needed as the old wine is not being bought by business. Hopefully, the new package gets just a few more leaders buy into it. the more that operate that way the better and more productive leaders will be.

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