TWMed-Laptop-11-2012-BIZTimeWaver – What is it?

As early as the 1950s, the German physicist Burkhard Heim described information fields in his 12-dimensional mathematical concept of the universe as a space where all mental and physical processes come together and remain there, stored as information patterns. According to Heim ́s model everything we do, everything we think, even our feelings and emotional needs, are stored in this information field and can be retrieved.


Quantum physicists like Erwin Schrödinger, Niels Bohr, David Bohm, Karl Pribram, and Anton Zeilinger discuss the idea of a field connecting mind and matter. Other researchers, such as Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, Rupert Sheldrake, Hans Peter Dürr, and Roger Nelson describe this space as a field of mental and physical interactions and named the observed phenomena differently, e.g. morphogenetic field, potential information or collective unconscious. They all agreed on one aspect though: Consciousness interacts with physical processes and can directly influence them.


The concept that consciousness plays an active role in all physical aspects has been known since research started in the field of quantum physics. Indigenous cultures, ancient cultures, and philosophies couldn’t scientifically prove this; however, it was an important part of their teachings. Consciousness has been identified as an important aspect to create the reality we perceive on a daily basis. Generally, for most humans, accessing the information field is difficult, as consciousness due to its dualistic nature either focuses on the external physical reality or on the inner psychological reality.


Mind and matter are two very different aspects of us, but nevertheless, they do influence each other. This communication happens in the information field: the mind created shapes within the information field that manifest physically and the physical reality influences the mind via the information field. If mind and body are not communicating harmoniously with each other, if they are out of sync, we humans get sick. The quality of our thoughts, our emotions impacts our body, psychosomatic diseases are a proof for that. They defy any medical logic, and yet, inexplicably they do cause physical symptoms in the body.


TimeWaver uses state of the art technology based on quantum physics to obtain information about mental blocks, self-defeating beliefs, motivational barriers and their causes in the information field. Because we believe that any disharmony can have roots in various aspects of a person’s life, be it psychological, systemic, social, or environmental, a holistic approach needs to take all these aspects into consideration.


Soul-Inspired-Leadership helps coaches to uncover possible psychological conflicts, and their root causes quickly. We offer the possibility to optimize these dis-harmonies in the information field to make the coaches work more robust and therefore permanent. Simply highlighting possible trauma, subconscious blockages and belief systems in a conversation can be the starting point for powerful change. Making unconscious patterns conscious is the key to establish new neural connections, positive thinking, and behavioural patterns.


TimeWaver in Practical Application...

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Where does your client want to be?

This is an important question as it determines the pathway to the information field. Imagine you are planning a trip to Europe – your experience will be very different if you then decide to visit Germany or Spain and accordingly you will need to make your travel arrangements. Establishing where your client wants to be, choosing the right focus statement is the first step for a successful analysis. Based on that objective TimeWaver then analyses in the information field which information patterns are causing the disharmonies and imbalances.


The information field analysis is based on an extensive database addressing 10 subtle levels of the human being that may influence the psyche and the holistic well-being, such as systemic level, psychological level, emotional level, energy level, residential and work environment, toxicity etc. In the next step, an optimization list with various vibrational patterns can be created to harmonize the client’s information field and prepare the path towards the objective, the focus statement, the space your client wants to be in.


This optimization list is then vibrated into the client’s information field or it can be vibrated onto a carrier object, such as the Soul-Inspired-Leadership balancing cards. These cards can be carried around 24/7 and help harmonize the client’s information field. Depending on the arrangement with the coach or client, a check-up analysis is done two or 4 weeks later to determine the level of harmonization and to see whether some adjustments will be needed.