Joy Abdullah, Malaysia... Coaching client of Ross 

In Dec 2017 just before Christmas Ross sent me a magnetic card and asked me to keep it on my person for the major part of the day. Now given the interactions with Ross I know he would not be recommending something without clearly knowing the benefit it would have on me. So, without any questions, I slipped it into a card holder and started carrying for about 12 hours of the day on me.

This was also the time when I stepped up my job search as I was coming to the end of my contract. As I look back at the past 3 months I can see how surely but subtly there have been significant changes in my mindset, behaviour, and most importantly mood.

There is a certain calmness coupled with a sense of confidence about the actions I have taken. In addition, my ability to listen has enhanced. Instead of jumping into conversations mid-sentence I’m listening better to understand the entire communication. The assuredness that has come about has enabled me to go ahead with some key activities in my job search that at any other time I may not have considered viable.

I believe these have been possible due to the vibrational patterns encoded in the card that has improved me as a person.

 Thank you, Ross, for this wonderful gift.



Harish Nim

Group CEO, Emerio Globesoft Pte Ltd An NTT Communications Company

A few months ago, Antoinette handed me a magnetic card and asked me to keep it in my wallet. Having known her for several years and being quite impressed by her knowledge in the holistic healing area, I did so without any questions.

On the occasion of my company's twentieth anniversary, I was reflecting back on the two decades and I zoomed into the past few months and realised that there had been a change in terms of how I was leading my company. There was a subtle transformation in the way I was seeing things and a renewed confidence that led to my making several positive changes in the company. I realised that my intuitive capabilities were also enhanced and I mused about this till I recalled the magnetic card.

I asked Antoinette what that card was all about and she said it was encoded with vibrational patterns that ought to help me become a better leader. Bingo!

Thank you, Antoinette.  


Senior Executive... Oil Industry

I began coaching sessions with Ross Swan as part of a personal improvement plan offered by my company in the management of Major Capital Projects in the Oil Industry. I connected instantly with Ross as he was very personable in his approach, listened intently, and focused on areas of improvement to enhance my skills in dealing with managing projects where people are the main resource to a successful execution.

When I asked Ross what he was working on he had mentioned he was a co-founder of Souls Inspired Leadership and that I may benefit as I was having difficulty in dealing with some challenging leaders who had polar opposite values from mine. Ross had mentioned 'TimeWaver' which was an invention by a German Scientist based on quantum physics that analyses the information field of a person and optimises those areas of self where there is an imbalance.

These vibrational patterns are transferred onto a card which then stores the relevant frequencies of harmonization and therefore is a constant source balancing. Antoinette uses the information of the TimeWaver system to quickly address areas of disharmony on a physical, mental and emotional level. Using regression therapy (a type of hypnotherapy) and Nutripuncture, similar to acupuncture, but using micro-nutrients instead of needles, she focuses on balancing deficiencies and core issues quickly.

I must say my work with Soul-Inspired-Leadership has been unbelievable - using the TimeWaver technology to identify vulnerable areas of concern in my life such as upbringing, relationships etc Antoinette adds a human touch through therapy engagement and hypnosis to identify areas of deep-rooted problems that affect the way I interact with others and my wellbeing meter. My main problem was always having low-level anxiety and stress in my daily life.

Once I started working with Antoinette, I was amazed as I would never have believed I could get rid of the anxiety and people in my life who I allowed to affect my wellbeing. It's not a concern for me any longer. I had only completed 2 sessions with Antoinette over a period of 3 months. when I began to feel good, I am now without stress, and this continues today.

It is certainly great, that both Ross with his executive coaching skills, and Antoinette with her healing skills, have joined to form Soul-Inspired-Leadership because it definitely has made a difference to me.