Turning Threats to trust.... our latest webinar

Tuesday MAY 12th  |  5:00-6.30 PM  |  WEBINAR

Presenters Ross Swan and special guest Jess Tansutat



What we need during this time are not predefined action plans but mindsets and new practices that will strengthen immunity for resilience. Stress recovery and sense of renewal will be essential foundations to prevent them from overreacting to adversity or freezing by fear, and bring presence to skilfully move through the challenge with calm and care.


The crisis calls for humans to “trust” the slowing down and individuals to reassess our stakes and prioritizations.

  • What can we actually control?
  • What are keys to help move forward?
  • How can we turn the table by acknowledging our coping mechanism and see it as opportunities?
  • How can we gather ourselves together and bounce back when things do not go as planned?
  • What practices help to develop sense of ease and returning to center?
  • How can we look after ourselves?


Join us a FREE webinar on 12th May 2020 I 5-6.30pm (GMT 5+) for an interactive webinar led by Ross Swan and Jess Tansutat on a topic of “Turning Threats to Trust”. Ross will share his thoughts on taking control of yourself and trusting what you are doing, and recovery practices will be led by Jess.


This webinar will support you to understand distinctions and create new perceptions and skills to be with the uncertainty in a more skillful way.



Webinar Presenters

Ross Swan Soul-Inspired Leadership

Ross Swan

Jess Tansutat

Guest Presenter

Jess Tansutat

Soulistic Excellence